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We have another Meal Prep coming up. If you have been thinking about doing this and haven't, we assure you will be so happy to have healthy, organic, unprocessed, indulgent tasting meals for the week in less than 20 minutes.  You don't have to go to the grocery store, cook or clean.  Even if you do typically meal prep at home, most likely you are making the same meal for every day. At Nourish you can create entirely different meals for each day from spaghetti squash with housemade pesto and marinara, roasted broccoli and organic chicken to cauliflower rice with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans and cilantro lime chicken salad. You can create salads or my personal favorite....a bunch of roasted veggies, hummus, pesto and quinoa balls. When you rsvp to reserve your spot just let me know how many bowls you'd like to make and if you want the meat or vegetarian option. (most people do between 3 and 10 meals) 

5 Vegetarian Bowls: $50
5 Bowls with Organic Meat: $72.50

Add On's:
Energy Bites: $3.50 for 2 Bites
Smoothie Freezer Bag: $7.50 per bag

cooking class bread pudding.png

Kimber is going to teach you how to make bread pudding with vanilla cashew icing and cashew milks!

$35 per person




Learn how to fuel you & your families body properly. For maximum energy, immune support, weight loss and cancer prevention. Dr Phelps will touch base on locally sourced food & the importance behind it. Breaking food down to better understand what's right for you. 

Upon arrival, please order your breakfast so you may eat while we chat. Bring notetaking material & leave with knowledge under your belt to assure you are eating to live & not living to eat. Let’s start to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE! 
Please RSVP to Space is limited