We are having a 20 Minute Meal Prep this Sunday! As always, we will set up all of Nourish's organic ingredients that have been prepped and cooked. Think spaghetti squash, cauliflower rice, quinoa balls, roasted veggies, and house made sauces. You create each bowl using the ingredients that you love to create different flavor combinations. We will also give you recipe suggestions to build your bowls. Eating nutrient rich food has never been so delicious and convenient. You will be in and out of Nourish with as many meals as you need in less than 20 minutes.  When you rsvp to reserve your spot just let me know how many bowls you'd like to make and if you want the meat or vegetarian option. (most people do between 3 and 10 meals) 
Email kalle@nourishcafemarket.com

5 Vegetarian Bowls: $50
5 Bowls with Organic Meat: $72.50

Add On's:
Energy Bites: $3.50 for 2 Bites
Smoothie Freezer Bag: $7.50 per bag

What are our Meal Preppers saying?
"My husband is a bit of a food snob and the high quality food is something he really enjoys.  I have been fighting bloat, weight gain and low energy for the much of this year.  I like that this session was targeted for that.  It was a little kick-start for better health and clarity. This is real food, real good, and super handy.  We will be back.  I sometimes get food anxiety but your reassurance that we wouldn’t be hungry and we could make real portions of food, helped me mentally trust that I wasn’t being deprived.  I have noticed a physical and mental change as hoped."  -Amy